Gain the competitive edge with your data and our insights.

Become data-driven.

Be smarter

Drive your business decisions with data insights. Leverage your datasets fusion with Advanced Predictive Analytics to ensure your business is in front of the wave.

Be faster

Make decisions faster with predictive Real-Time Analytics at any scale. Keep your hand on the market pulse, avoid downtimes at your IoT networks.

Take control & grow

Managed Data Lake to have all your data available for Advanced Analytics.
Optimize your costs, protect your data and grow your business with Cloud.

Case studies

Artificial intelligence will be the competitive edge of the future. See how our advanced analytics helped our clients to have the advantage.

Finance & Insurance




Mining industry

Real estate


Social Media
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How to start

Just let us know about your project and we will shortly contact you.

Here are some ways we can start.


The jumpstart engagement to put your organization on the path of being data-driven

  • Current Big Data strategy assessment to identify needs and weak points to improve
  • Recommendations of Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • Roadmap of migration to the cloud
Contact us for a jumpstart engagement offering.

Proof of Concept

The PoC engagement to demonstrate data-driven capabilities using your data:

  • Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • Data Lake
  • IoT real-time analytics
Contact us for a PoC engagement offering.


1. Get in touch

Connect with us, tell us about your project and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Video-conference

A chance for us to meet, understand your project better, run Q&A session, and determine fit of our expertise for your needs.

3. Our proposal

We deliver to you a roadmap of the engagement, high level scope, solution approach, and cost breakdown.

4. Engagement Kick-off

We kick-off our engagement and start agile development process. We focus on highest ROI targets to deliver you the most value in shortest timeframe.

How we work

1 3 2 Lean Planning Design & Derisk Develop & Test Q&A Ship deliverable Feedback 1-2 weeks iterations Agile development process

We deliver the engagement using agile development process made of 3 parts:

  1. Lean Planning – instead of following a blind plan, we follow a lean way of planning that focuses on highest ROI for you
  2. Agile development – we use agile methodology
  3. Shipped deliverable – we ship and we demo our work to gather your feedback and align development plan
The process is designed to

  • focus on the right thing – we don’t build what you don’t want or don’t need. Lean planning allows us to plan less and deliver more value
  • deliver immediate ROI – quick 1-2 week iterations are designed to focus on highest value targets for your immediate ROI
  • quick feedback cycle — we demonstrate a working product to gather feedback and refine the plan in the next iteration
  • eliminating risk from the equation — spiking development in high-risk areas allows us to de-risk and validate solution approach immediately

How we communicate

Regular communication provides process transparency, feedback loop, decision making, and problem solving opportunities.


  • Kick-off meeting – introduction between you and engineering team
  • Daily standup
  • weekly or bi-weekly status call – communicate progress, demo, QA, make decisions, gather feedback
  • Engagement outcomes – at the end of the engagement, we do an outcomes meeting to summarize what has been done, discuss future roadmap

Post engagement

We are available for long-term partnership, support, and delivery of extensions to your application. High quality of our work is guaranteed by the agile development process we follow which means low maintenance costs that let you allocate your budget to features and extensions which bring incremental value to your business. You can count on us to be your long-term partner.

Get in touch

  • Wondering if machine learning could help take your business to the next level?
  • Do you need help to manage with the deluge of data?
  • Looking for a development team to create your Data Lake in the cloud?