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We are software development team of professionals that specializes in data science and big data platforms.
We use the state of the art technology in combination with an optimized agile approach.

List of core services

Big data pipelines

The amount of data produced across the globe increases exponentially and will continue to grow at an accelerating rate for the foreseeable future. We will help you to manage the deluge of data with Apache Cassandra and Datastax solutions.

Data Science and AI

Data is a source of efficiency improvements and growth in your business.  We will help you to unlock it by extracting actionable knowledge from your data. Data analysis and machine learning are our domain.

Backend development

The Lightbend Reactive Platform, including Play, Akka, and Scala is the solution we mostly use to deliver highly responsive user experiences backed by a resilient, event-driven application stack that scales effortlessly on multicore and clouds.

Single page applications

We build our applications based on the reactive manifesto’s fundamentals. We combine best quality code with modern CSS and JS frameworks to deliver rich, engaging user interfaces that provide instant feedback based on user interactions and other stimuli.

Mobile applications

Scaling your business requires mobile apps, which usage has overgrown desktop and it is still rising. Thanks to the combination of our skills and the newest technologies you can rest assured that your clients will have great mobile experiences.


We are experienced in sharing knowledge we use in our work. If you need Scala or R modeling trainings, than we are ready to help. We also run extensive Apache Cassandra courses including modeling, development and optimization.


We are a solution partner of


We deliver professional services with DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra.
Additionally we offer our custom Apache Cassandra training.

Our Clients

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