Agile project management

We deliver our engagement using an agile development process comprising three parts:

  • Lean Planning – we develop a lean way of planning that focuses on the highest ROI for your company.
  • Agile development – we use agile methodology.
  • Shipped deliverable – we ship and demo our work to collect feedback and align the development plan.

This process ensures:

  • Focusing on the right thing – we only build what the client wants or needs. Thanks to lean planning, we can plan less and bring more value.
  • Providing immediate ROI – quick iterations (1–2 week) are designed to focus on the highest value targets for your immediate ROI.
  • Quick feedback cycle — we demonstrate a working product to collect feedback and refine the plan in the next iteration.
  • Eliminating risk from the equation — continuous risk evaluation and smart risk management allow us to de-risk and instantly validate the chosen solution approach.

How do we communicate?

Regular communication means a feedback loop, process transparency, decision making, and problem-solving opportunities.

  • Kick-off meeting: introduction between you and engineering team
    Daily stand-up meetings
  • Weekly or bi-weekly status calls: to communicate progress, demo, QA, make decisions and collect feedback
  • Engagement’s outcomes: at the end of the engagement, we hold an outcomes meeting to summarize what has been done and discuss a future roadmap


We are available for a long-term partnership, support, and delivery of extensions to your application. The agile development process we follow guarantees the high quality of our work, which also means low maintenance costs that allow our clients to allocate their budget to features and extensions which bring incremental value to their businesses. Our clients can consider us their long-term partner.