Find and understand latent value in raw data to thrive business. Azure AI makes images, videos, audio and documents searchable at scale, fast and for any user or application.

Knowledge Mining in basics

Knowledge mining combines AI services and data mining algorithms to drive content understanding over large amounts of structured and unstructured information.

Knowledge Mining creates searchable index enriched with built-in services such as entity recognizing, finding context and keywords, text-to-speech, PII detection, language detection and more including custom AI-based solution we develop.
Based on ready to use services and customized models, we create guided interface for a seamless exploration of insights which can be integrated with your applications and analytical solutions such as PowerBi.

Azure Platform reduces development time and increases efficiency and security with built-in enterprise services. Cloud solution reduces cost of infrastructure and maintenance while offering all cloud-native performance, scalability and more.

From weeks to seconds

60 to 80% of created data is unstructured, and in most of the cases, it needs to be read, heard or watched by someone to extract meaningful information.

During a one year number of documents you create or receive is hard or impossible to efficient use because of the amount of time to only catalogue and find information.  It is even harder to transform, compare and get insights based on earlier information at scale.

With Knowledge Mining understand your information, explore it, uncover insights, find relationships and patterns on a scale. Reduce time to find relevant information by first-line workers, minimize the burden of manual search for a specific document, presentation or a report with rich metadata search capabilities powered by Cognitive services across all your data and business units.

Contact us if you want to gain knowledge from documents that you have in an organization or receive in significant portions from customers.

Expertise that makes the difference

Skilled Data Science Team

A dedicated team with expertise – Computer Vision ML Researchers & Engineers, Azure Solution Architects.

Solutions leveraging Azure Cloud

Starting from PoC leverage power of the cloud. Incorporate easy integrations and scalability from the very beginning of creating the solution.

Customized AI Solution

We use State-of-the-Art AI to create and customize a solution tailored to the challenges of your business.

Security and safety

As a partner of Microsoft, we provide a solution that guarantees corporate-level security.

Proof of Concept – 2 month

Find estimated pricing, and more details about Knowledge Mining Proof of Concept before contacting us.

Knowledge Mining Proof of Concept stages



We define your business case to adjust the PoC precisely to your needs.


Deployment of Semantive Insights Platform

Working solution with a sample of your data for better context


Solution configuration and development

Development and customizations of up to 3 cognitive skills to meet specific business needs


Solution deployment

Ready solution with adoption workshop.


Revision and roadmap

Plan for further solution expansion

We are a laureate of

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a programme that recognises and profiles the fastest growing public or private technology companies in Central Europe. Semantive has reported a revenue growth of 1 027% over 4 years.


in Central Europe


in Poland

More details

Pricing and length of PoC engagement are affected by data availability, the complexity of a challenge and how much dedicated development is required.

The engagement is structured towards quick results and deployment leveraging ready to use services on Azure with a strong emphasis on matching the solution at an early stage.

Find more information downloading Two Pager or contacting us.

Interested in case study?

Mining Industry Solution

Customer challenge: The client needed to analyze unstructured seismic data sourced from around the world from different subsystems in the organization.

Solution provided: Data ingestion to the cloud enhanced with indexation of data and its exploration with AI available for non-technical users.

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