Semantive partners with Databricks

Semantive partners with Databricks


One of the perks of working at Semantive is the number of opportunities to travel abroad. At July 2018 three of us traveled to Paris to polish skills in delivering Apache Spark training during a Train The Trainer (T3) workshop organized by Databricks and lead by a senior instructor. The workshop was focused on delivery of DB 105 Apache Spark Programming 3-day course. More you can find here.



Apache Spark is a very popular choice for Big Data handling. Being able to work on both in-place data and continuous streams to aggregate data, feed the dashboards and apply Machine Learning algorithms, it becomes more and more popular. There is a reason for that – Apache Spark gives both unified API for any data source and destination and an engine that is able to process the data efficiently. Those features are attracting numerous companies to adopt it. Moreover, with Spark DataFrame API you get the same performance benefits no matter if you write your job in Python or Scala.


Semantive runs courses for developers interested in adopting Apache Spark for handling their data sets. Like any field in IT industry, being up-to-date is crucial, as well as polishing skills, so we are constantly improving. Happily to say, we received positive assessment during T3 and our trainers are ready to officially deliver DB 105 Apache Spark Programming course. You can learn more about course contents and schedule here. Partnering with Databricks allowed us to improve our Spark trainings offerings and make the more hands-on and interactive courses for our customers customers.


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