Time Series Data Platform For The Power Industry

Power industry


One of the leaders in the environmentally friendly power production industry needed a scalable and cost-efficient platform for the time series data ingestion. The company uses a closed historian system to gather the sensor data but aims at an improved analysis of the data using cloud-based tools. The client needed a middleware service that would provide a robust and scalable integration of a self-contained on-premise solution and a cloud platform.

Our work

We designed and implemented a connector service based on the Amazon Web Services cloud. The solution features data gathering, monitoring, querying, and out-of-the-box visualization. Thanks to the flexible architecture, more sophisticated use of data can be quickly introduced if needed.

The outcome

A scalable solution that is easy to extend.

  • Connecting and storing data from a closed historian system into the AWS.
  • Monitoring the quality and volume of data coming into the cloud.
  • Making it possible to query and analyze the data gathered.
Technology used
  • AWS
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python