Advanced data analytics

We deliver end-to-end machine learning solutions – from a problem definition to a production-ready Big Data Cloud operating system.


Data insight

Understand the context and goals. Identify data sources likely to provide valuable information for specific use case.

Exploratory analysis

Run exploratory data analysis to validate its utility in helping diagnose problems or predict outcomes.


Design, build and evaluate mathematical models to enable prediction, categorization and other workloads.


Integrate all elements to bring all to live, at any scale. Let the model play with real-time data.

Continuous optimization and learning

Tune the model or let it self improve with incoming data.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are applicable everywhere.
Here are some examples how we can support you.


  • Capacity planning
  • Real time monitoring and analysis to predict failures and avoid downtimes
  • Anomaly detection to react to any unusual patterns in your data


  • Stock and sales prediction
  • Recommend products that match your customer’s style, analyze reviews or survey data for topics and trends
  • Choose the image that best showcases your product


  • Tailor content to an audience and discover the subtle themes in your content that speak to different users
  • Understand the influencers in your space and address the ideas that interest listeners
  • Support copywriters in building viral content


  • Analysis of biomedical signals (acoustic, EEG, ECG)
  • Classification of radiographs
  • Support diagnosing and identify high-risk patients


  • Conduct social media listening and influencer analysis
  • Recommend content that will match the interests of a person´s  social profile
  • RTB systems

Finance & Insurance

  • Stock price prediction, modeling trends, and cycles
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk management
With our Machine Learning and Data Science expertise, we would make sure that you make the most efficient use of data.

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Real-time analytics

The challenge

The amount of data produced across the globe increases exponentially and will continue to grow at an accelerating rate for the foreseeable future. The bigger the data is, the greater potential it has. But how to take advantage of it? The answer is real-time analytics.

For example, by applying machine learning in real time, you can:

  • predict your customer behavior to pinpoint highly-personalized recommendations and finally get happy and loyal customers
  • monitor social media to watch results of your marketing campaigns or clients’ opinions of your new product
  • monitor your infrastructure to predict failures and avoid downtimes
  • predict frauds before they happen

How we manage it?

SMACK application stack is what we mostly use to deliver real-time analytics platform that scales effortlessly on multicore and clouds. It consists of the five key components:

  • Spark – to transform data regardless of its volume
  • Mesos – to manage platform in the cluster to easily scale it out without downtime
  • Akka – for writing robust concurrent applications
  • Cassandra – for linearly-scaling, distributed storage, capable to handle deluge of data
  • Kafka – for fast, fault-tolerant and scalable queues to be sure no stream data loss

Data Lake

We deliver Managed Data Lake solution in the Cloud. Data Lake is a cost-effective architecture that provides agility and flexibility needed to store massive amounts of data into a central location as-is without having a predefined schema. Storage and compute resources are separate so you can scale analytics as needed to deliver business insights.

Data Lake enables organizations to fuse different data sets and run Advanced Analytics to deliver relevant business insights and be data-driven.

Managed Data Lake solution to have all your data available for Advanced Analytics.

  • deliver business insights from your data when you need it – no need for predefined schema
  • cut operational costs with Cloud – data storage and ETL in the cloud can be much cheaper than on-premise solutions
  • pay only for compute resources when you need them – there is no need to keep an expensive cluster running all the time


Technology consulting

There are  many ways we can support your data-driven transformation. Here are some examples when you can take advantage of our expert knowledge.

We are DataStax consulting partner

  • Architecture and technology audits
  • Design and optimize your data model to leverage used technology strengths
  • Spark, Cassandra performance tuning
  • Consulting with migrating to a cloud from any solution you already have


We are experienced in sharing the knowledge we use in our work:

  • 700+ trained people
  • 45+ delivered training sessions
  • Training sessions in 6 countries
  • Lectures at postgraduate studies Big Data at the Warsaw University of Technology
We run customized training with:

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Cassandra
  • Spark
  • Programming Scala

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