Maciej Migacz

Semantive’s strategist. Polyglot software engineer and instructor. Experienced with Big Data solutions and data processing systems. Multidisciplinary and open-minded. Loves endurance sports and learning how the world around him works.

Marek Lewandowski

Full stack dev. Molded as a skilled software engineer at the Warsaw University of Technology, has a pragmatic mindset, and makes his teammates laugh. Focused on high quality solutions and likes Jvm and AngularJS. In his spare time he enjoys cinema, good food and fitness.

Marcel Młyńczak

Data scientist
Biomedical engineer and PhD student. Cheerful, creative and calm. Interested in data science (statistical inference and machine learning) and medical R&D. Very familiar with Matlab, R and Latex.

Michał Bemowski

Software developer
Full stack developer with a background in Java EE and HTML5/CSS/JavaScript technologies. A programmer since primary school,  passionate about cleverly written, clean code. Interested in electronics, UX concepts and photography.

Amadeusz Kosik

Software engineer
IT student and JVM full stack developer. A swift learner and is interested in asynchronous programming and parallel data processing.

Anna Stępień

Software developer

Warsaw University of Technology graduate with a background in complex Java EE systems, JVM related technologies and basic concepts of machine learning. Scala, Android and clean code enthusiast. In her free time enjoys discovering new music and playing bass.


Filip Piątkowski

IT student and robotics engineer. Interested in machine learning and autonomous tech. With goal-oriented mindset, flexible and quick to pick up new skills. Likes to exercise his creative side through photography.

Marcin Sucharski

IT student and Scala/TypeScript developer. Programmer since middle school, interested in 3D graphics and high performance computing.

Grzegorz Olechwierowicz

Full stack developer with skills crafted by countless nights spent on programming riddles. Codes well in object-oriented and functional style. Knows both versions of angular. Open source enthusiast. In spare time enjoys swimming and good music.

Our Skills

More information about what we are good at
Data science
Machine learning and data analysis solutions.
Big Data
We build big data processing systems, heterogeneous data acquisition robust solutions based Cassandra, Apache Spark, Akka, Kafka.
Web applications
We are really good at AngularJS, and JVM-based web frameworks like Spring MVC, Play or Lift.
Scala & Java
We specialize in Java and Scala. The projects developed for various companies have enabled us gain a lots of experience. Now we can apply it to your company.